Braid-y Bunch

When it's this hot out (103° yuck!) it's pretty tough to your hair resembling anything presentable. I've worn mine up in a top-knot almost daily since we started hitting the hundreds hard. It's been 70+ days of over 100° heat! I guess that's par for the course in Texas. Lately I've been playing around with braids. I'd love to try some of these above (French braid bun!)

Photos from top: Elle Fanning via Teen Vogue, Sissy Spacek in 3 Women, pretty plaits via SomeAwesomeRadness, dreamy rainbow fishtail braid via Free People, young Kate Moss via Band of Outsiders, Mary-Kate's Heidi braids via OlsensAnonymous, French braid bun via Refinery 29, my little ol' self 

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