I stumbled across these incredible photos of teenage Melanie Griffith & her mother Tippi Hedren lounging around in their family home in Sherman Oaks with their pet lion (!!) Neil & couldn't resist sharing. I think I spent the entirety of 1989 - 1994 dreaming for the exact same thing. Why can't I have a pet lion?? Lucky Melanie Griffith.

 images via BuzzFeed


Hackwith x Olive

I'm so proud of the video we shot for the Hackwith x Olive collaboration! New to Austin director, Casey Giessen, his ├╝ber talented wife Sarah, gorgeous Kelly & I spent the afternoon wandering around the Mexican American Cultural Center. After shooting for a bit we got stuck in a random summer evening downpour. It was pretty dreamy to spend a little chunk of the afternoon just goofing around & watching the rain -- I feel like that's just what the Hackwith x Olive collection is designed for; easy afternoon exploring.


Hackwith x Olive Launch Party

Up and coming Minneapolis designer, Hackwith, believes "that your favorite piece of clothing doesn’t have to be shared; it can be as unique as you are!" We couldn't agree more. That's why we've collaborated with them to create a limited edition capsule collection exclusively for Olive! Clocking in at just 10 of a kind, the three piece collection embodies everything we think a gal should have on hand: an easy, dress up/dress down black dress, a chambray jumpsuit ideal for running around town and a toss on kimono just right for layering. Join us Friday, 8/22 from 5 - 8pm, to celebrate Hackwith's gorgeous work & score one the the few-of-a-kind beauties for yourself! Libations on hand for early arrivers. Stay up to date & RSVP here.

So honored to have had to opportunity to collaborate with such creative gals! 
The process was several months in the making - back and forth emailing, sketches, a little photoshop tweaking here and there and one incredibly tattered, well loved vintage dress finally led us to the perfect trio of clothing. Can't wait to share the fruits of our labor!


Dusen Dusen x Nordstrom

Loved seeing all these pretty Dusen Dusen pieces through Nordstrom's eye. They did such a fantastic job capturing them. Dusen Dusen, along with several other great designers, are a part of Nordstrom's current Pop-In shop curated by LA's Poketo. Pop on over to their blog for a great interview with Dusen creator, Ellen & her thoughts on Salvation Mountain, why she's digging sports as of late & the comforting powers of the Washington Monument.

BTW, that green pretty & that striped black, blue & red number are both available (& on sale!) in the shop. Jus'sayin.

All images via Nordstrom


Time warp.

There was a time when the thought of the 90s made me cringe. Hitting my teen prime square in the middle of the decade left a funny taste in my mouth for all things 90s. I was a bonafide mall rat & fully embraced every awful trend. Metallic pleather, yep. Shiny stretchy shirts, you bet. Chunky shoes, couldn't get enough. Itty bitty lunch box purses, pretty sure I had 3 of them. Point is - to use a term I really hate - I was a bit of a fashion victim. On into adulthood I was left thinking there wasn't a single redeeming quality for gen-x. Now that I've had a little time to cool off, I'm fully embracing the better sartorial qualities of the 90s. Leather jackets, florals, boyfriend jeans, a few grungy touches here and there and yes, some how, even crop tops are all feeling just right - for now.

Thanks to Miss Moss for sending me down this rabbit hole.

All images via 90s Outfits


Remembering Frida

I'm a huge Frida fan so when I was asked if I had anything in the shop that might fit the mood of a Frida inspired shoot for Vetta Magazine, a newly launched Austin publication, I flipped! Rich colors, smoldering brows, eclectic jewelry, florals, men's wear nods -- stylist Graham Cumberbatch nailed it. Various Tiro Tiro pieces, the classic Miranda Bennett Every Day dress, a pretty Lee Coren scarf, Sister necklaces, a biggie Ilana Kohn tee & my favorite Feral Childe shirt all made an appearance. Check out the full spread here.

All images via Vetta Magazine.


Esby Pop-Up

Effortless, tomboy-chic pieces are popping up all over as of late and I, for one, couldn't be happier. Esby champions this style, well effortlessly! "Clothing for women with [a] menswear mentality" is how owner/designer Stephanie Beard puts it - think perfect button ups, un-fussy day dresses, expert tailoring & easy day-to-night pieces. Fresh off it's first collection, Esby was launched right here in Austin. Fittingly, Beard spent the past 10 years designing for menswear giants like Converse and Levi's. Lucky for us she's sharing all her gorgeous wares this Friday, June 27th! Join us and explore Esby's inaugural collection and sip cocktails from Dripping Springs.

Check out their collection video - so cute!