Westminster x Vogue

"Women always try to tame themselves as they get older, but the ones who look best are often a bit wilder." - Miuccia Prada

True, we're in the heart of Fashion Week, but that's not the only goings on in New York. Westminster Kennel Club just wrapped across town. Vogue photographer PHilip Johnson popped over to document these pups at their peek. Vogue teamed their favorite fashion quotes up with each photo & there are some pretty great ones -- my favorite's above. Pop on over to see the rest!



I love a good Etsy discovery. I recently stumbled across Floti, a Greek jewelry line with a sharp focus on clean lines, minimal shapes & bold color. Sort of a Memphis Group meets craft time vibe - in the best kind of way. Designer, Olga, touts the line as being made with "a playful, clean aesthetic" and finds her inspiration in "graphic design, doorknobs, handles, pasta, the universe and anything with a smooth or shiny surface." I can just imagine tossing one of these guys on with a big cozy sweater & easy jeans to inject a little fun into an otherwise everyday outfit.


Miranda Bennett

Miranda Bennett's work just oozes effortlessness. I can't get enough of pieces you can just toss on & instantly look pulled together. After focusing on sumptuous dyed gauze, cotton & washed silk scarves for a few seasons, Miranda has branched back out into clothing and I, for one, could not be more thrilled! Her spring collection is centered around one perfect cut - somehow it's both casual and dressy - but her Everyday Dress is ... well, something I can't wait to wear every day. See the full collection, shot by ├╝ber talented Nicole Mlakarhere.


Powder Blue

Powder blue's been on my mind as of late. It's such a flattering shade. Weren't we all in love with Liv Tyler's perfect angora? I know I was.

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Otomi Textiles

For ages I've been in love with this embroidered fabric. I've spotted it from time to time in chic houses or while traveling around, but I never knew what it was called. I'd hunt high and low, endlessly google, but no luck. That is, until I spent my Christmas holiday in Mexico City! I spent a crazy afternoon at the San Angel market (side note: if you ever make the trip to DF, it's definitely worth the 45 minute drive outside the city to see this market!) & found a handful of stands of women selling these gorgeous pieces. One of them was kind enough to clue me in -- they go by Otomi & are named for the indigenous Otomi people in several Mexican states east of Mexico City. Each piece is meticulously embroidered on cotton muslin & seems suited to just about anything you can think of. Clearly I'm late to the game because pinterest is a wash with gorgeous Otomi pieces. Just glad to be in on the secret.

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Brooklyn House Snooping

Don't you love a good snoop? Maybe it falls in the grey area, ethically speaking, but I just love poking around in people's homes. Nothing too nosey, but it's just fascinating to see how other people live their lives. "Ohhh, I use that toothpaste too!" "What!? I didn't know they collected velvet paintings!" "Nice thread count." Ok, well maybe I'm a creep, but I don't think I'm alone in that boat, because in January of 1978 photographer Dinanda H. Nooney began a year long process of capturing Brooklynites in their homes. Lucky for us snoops, her collection of over 500 of her previously unseen photos, aptly dubbed The Nooney Brooklyn Photographs, have been published in the New York Public Library's digital collections.

1: Eileen Cox. 152 Midwood St., Flatbush, Brooklyn. November 18, 1978. 

2: Joseph & Mary Merz, architects. Daughter Julie & cat. 48 Willow Place, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. January, 1978. (1978). 
3. Fran Orans. 4715 Surf Ave., Coney Island, Brooklyn. August 5, 1978. 
4: Johnny Redd home. 416 Waverly Ave., Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. April 6, 1978.
5: Home of the Frieds, oldest daughter. 501 E. 17th St., Flatbush, Brooklyn. July 31, 1978.
6: Walter & Kathy Becker. 289 Washington Ave., Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, suspiciously dated April 15, 1978, even though there’s a giant Christmas tree. 
7: Jonathan & Dorothy Nelson. 897 Sterling Pl., Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. May 20, 1978. 
8: Spencer & Rosalyn Depas. 227 Cumberland St., Fort Greene, Brooklyn. May 19, 1978. 
9: Everett & Evelyn Ortuer home. 272 Berkeley Pl., Park Slope, Brooklyn. March 4, 1978.
10: Geoffrey & Tobi Needler. 51 Montgomery Pl., Park Slope, Brooklyn. June 24, 1978. 

Photos via Messy Nessy Chic & NYPL