Time warp.

There was a time when the thought of the 90s made me cringe. Hitting my teen prime square in the middle of the decade left a funny taste in my mouth for all things 90s. I was a bonafide mall rat & fully embraced every awful trend. Metallic pleather, yep. Shiny stretchy shirts, you bet. Chunky shoes, couldn't get enough. Itty bitty lunch box purses, pretty sure I had 3 of them. Point is - to use a term I really hate - I was a bit of a fashion victim. On into adulthood I was left thinking there wasn't a single redeeming quality for gen-x. Now that I've had a little time to cool off, I'm fully embracing the better sartorial qualities of the 90s. Leather jackets, florals, boyfriend jeans, a few grungy touches here and there and yes, some how, even crop tops are all feeling just right - for now.

Thanks to Miss Moss for sending me down this rabbit hole.

All images via 90s Outfits

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