Casa Azul

Don't you love it when someone's physical space reflects them just perfectly? I can't say I didn't expect it, but in visiting Casa Azul I was just floored at how effortlessly this space embodied its infamous inhabitants: Diego Rivera & Freda Kahlo. Washed in the most gorgeous shade of blue, almost a Yves Klein blue but somehow better, the airy home is smattered with remnants of a life well lived. Frida's paint brushes, photographs of important moments, old letters, paintings collected from friends, a cheery yellow kitchen still stocked with pottery, well-worn furniture and of course Kahlo's incredible wardrobe. Hand embroidered dresses, impeccable jewelry, cigarette cases, little cat eyed sunglasses & every gorgeous color under the sun stocked her closet. Photographs weren't technically allowed inside, but I just couldn't resist snapping a few quick ones of her collection (that turquoise yin yang bib necklace, ack!). Kahlo was born, raised & died at Casa Azul & it still feels as if she might be sitting in her studio there cranking out work or reading a book in the lush garden. It's a special place without a doubt.

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