Marni for H&M

Sofia Coppola's short film for Marni's colab with H&M is everything you'd expect - chock full of pretty, good sound track, great clothes but little apparent substance. Don't get me wrong I love me some SofieCopes, but the poor little rich girl schtick is wearing a bit thin. Ohh, I'm so lonely. Ohh, my dad's so famous. Ohh, I'm so bored in Tokyo. That being said, I still get excited about just about everything she puts out there because yeah, I love pretty stuff. And no one does pretty better than Ms. Coppola.

Marni on the other hand isn't known for conventionally pretty clothing. With a focus on bold pattern, boxier cuts and bright color Marni has more of a cool-unattainable-art-student-next-door sort of vibe (which I dig). This collection for H&M encapsulates all the Marni-esque bits - chunky resin bangles, big blue polka dots, flat sandals, quirky embellishments - perfectly. And after seeing it cast in the warm glow of Coppola's lens I might even say it's pretty.

Sadly Austin has not been graced with H&Ms presence (and neither has the internet! C'mon online store!!) so for now I'll just have to lust after my favorites. Unless a kind New Yorker or Angelino wants to brave crowds to snag that leather number or bangle for me...

All pieces Marni for H&M Prices & Photos via Refinery 29 clockwise from top: Leather Top - $149, Sequin Collar - $19.95, Earrings - no pricing available, Bracelet - $19.95, Sandal - $59.95 Cardigan -  $69.95 

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