The Jason Wu collection for Target it pretty adorable. I was Wu'd. Yes, that's a terrible pun. I can't help it. I was lucky enough to snag these three gems amidst the storm of crazed girls hunting. It was a bit nuts. But worth it, I've got big plans for these babes. Here's how I'm planning Wu do these pieces. 

Obviously, that custom Rols is wishful thinking. As is that amazingly worn Acne jacket, but you know, a girl can dream. A girl can thrift too! So, I'm planning to hunt for 90s printed denim & a hopefully a well-loved mens watch. Luckily I already have a killer beat up Gap vintage jacket stashed in my closet.

How about that peachy Carven jacket, huh? I know, I'm in love too. Mociun diamond & turquoise earring too. Yep. Well, not sure how to swing perfectly hued leather & gems on the cheap but doesn't mean I'm not gonna try! Something about coral & mint just makes me weak in the knees.

I think this might be my favorite look - kind of Parisian chic meets dorky 90s high school student. Y'know, the shoulder bag, the loafers, the big ass glasses, the knocker earrings, I'm a sucker for the 90s. But I like to class (was that another pun?) it up a tad with a sharp leather blazer, albeit a Theory one that will likely never find its way into my closet, a smart fedora & a simple striped dress.

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