Paris Packing

Two weeks abroad and only a 20" carry-on back to hold all my duds - conundrum, big time. With 40 minutes between flights and a mandate to pick up and re-check bags (damn you Canada layovers!) that hefty suitcase was instantly nixed. So I really had to flex (ok, strain) my editing muscles. And unlike Austin, it's still a tad chilly in Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam so some cozy space eating sweaters are a must. Big boxy numbers are kind of my jam, so this J. Crew babe is definitely coming with. A lighter cropped sweater will make for nice layering over gauzy t shirts (double points for sleepwear!). Some beat up boyfriend jeans are obviously a must. I like the idea of them with some polished leopard loafers for a bit of a twist. Those leopard babes will team up with just about everything - how about some power clashing with those floral trousers (granted mine are some Corey Lynn Calter's I snagged on sale at Anthro months ago). Leather jacket, jean jacket, ankle booties, a few more bits .. BAM done! And all crammed into one tiny, tiny suitcase.

These pieces are going to be my true work horses. Heavy lifting required, booties - though sadly mine are not the coveted Dickers, but half price Aldo will do just the same. Something about a white blazer seemed very spring-in-Paris so my vintage one got thrown in last minute (not that Gucci dude up there) along with some magenta suede brogues I finally tracked down at the Gap (seen on Jules here) for a pop of color. Let's hope my duds make it through the abuse.

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