Les Puces

Without a doubt Les Puces, the largest, oldest flea market in Paris, was my favorite thing in the city. It was down right magical. Admittedly, it takes a bit of determination to get there. You have to ride to the end of the line on the metro, wade through rows & rows of stalls selling cheap jeans & knock off handbags, smell shockingly bad smells, & so on, but once you get through that & duck around a little corner: heaven. Literally hundreds of stalls selling everything from 60s cocktail dresses, to tiny vintage toys, to old perfume bottles, to mid-century lamps, to Louis XIV furniture, to taxidermy beavers, to perfect little buttons, I could go on and on and on. On a chilly grey morning it was just about the best thing I could imagine doing. Well, on any morning really. If you ever find yourself in Paris you must, must go. Oh Happy Day shares some fantastic tips on navigating and finding the market. Ack, I miss it already!

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