DIY: Gradient Dress

There have been so many incredible gradient pieces floating around lately. I'm particularly fond of the dipped bleach on denim - such a rad look! Makes me feel like I'm cool enough to hang out at the Peach Pit. After unearthing the perfect denim dress thrifting last week, I thought I'd go ahead & give this DIY a try! 

You'll need a denim dress - 100% cotton is best, about half a gallon of bleach, a bucket to dip the dress in, a rubber band & water. 

Start by deciding how far you want your gradient to go up & rubber band the dress off where you want the gradient to stop. 

Next, wet the dress thoroughly up to the rubber band & fill the bucket with bleach & a bit of water. Dip the dress in all the way to the rubber band making sure its fully submerged. Let the dress sit in the bleach until the color begins to change. Fair warning: this can take a long time! I think I left mine in the bleach for almost 2 hours.

Once the gradient has reached a shade you like take the dipped part of the dress half way out. Leave the bottom 1/4 of the dress in the bleach for another hour or so if you want a brighter white hem (I did). After this, rinse the dress a few times, wash it on cold, dry & you're good to go!

I was so happy to give this dress a whirl on a test shoot I styled for Pulse Mgmt. I snagged these shots on my iPhone while the incredibly talented Davis Ayer snapped away. I can't wait to see the final images!

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