Have you found this tumblr yet? Ha, sorry, I can't resist a good pun. To celebrate their 125th anniversary National Geographic released their photo archives on tumblr appropriately titled: Found. There are some true gems in there - some of them never before published or even seen! I got lost scrolling through for an hour. So treat yourself and scroll away.

All images via National Geographic, from top to bottom: A girl wears a novelty braided Texas straw hat, October 1939. Armed Bedouin Beni Sakhr chiefs await their king’s visit in Jordan, December 1964. A portrait of a woman riding an ostrich in South Africa, August 1942. Motorcycle club members wear studded leather jackets and rakish caps in London, England, June 1966. Club members on the ocean front are shaded by decorative parasols, 1930. Portrait of a Sudanese woman from Kodak (Egypt) Ltd., purchased abroad by Maynard Owen Williams, 1920. Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel kissing within a tetrahedral kite, October 1903. Teenagers run and play on large white sand dunes in New Mexico, 1957. Bengal tigers crouch as animal trainer carries a 300-pound lion in Moscow, March 1966.

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