Kahlo's Closet

I've always wanted to see Mexico City -- for all sorts of reasons: food, architecture, art, food and, yeah a bit more food. When doing a little imaginary traveling (bless the internet) I discovered Frida Kahlo's closet will be on display through the end of November & now I'm itching to get down there eve more!

"When [Kahlo] died, her husband, Diego Rivera, ordered her cloths be locked up for 15 years. When Diego passed three years later, a philanthropist  art collector and old friend of the couple, Delores Olmedo became the manager of their homes. She kept all of Kahlo's belongings guarded under lock and key for decades until she too passed away in 2004 and the fashion time capsule of an icon; a treasure chest, was finally unlocked." If you want to learn a bit more there's a great video about the collection here.

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