Botanicals Folklorica Honey Infusion Workshop

We spent a sunny afternoon sipping grapefruit, rose-honey cocktails from Mission Collective & learning all of Tamera's, of Botanicals Folklorica fame, honey infusing tricks. Working with raw, local honey from Dripping Springs & foraged pine & rose petals everyone mixed up their own little blend to take home. Honey infusion is much easier than you'd think! It goes like this: work with the absolute best honey you can find. Pick a few herbs you'd like to infuse - rosemary, rose, pine & lavender all work well, but don't be afraid to get creative & think out of the box. Mix them together in a jar with a lid. Place your jar in a windowsill or somewhere that gets nice sunlight. Flip your jar over every day or so, so the mixture moves around. Repeat for two weeks. Strain the herbs out with a cheese cloth. Bam: infused honey!

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