Boy. by Band of Outsiders Spring '12

Boy. by Band of Outsiders nailed it again with their dreamy polaroid Spring '12 lookbook. It seemed tough to top last season's collection shot in the amazing Sheats Goldstein Lautner house - you know, the one Jackie Treehorn was shacking up in. Come to think of it the Spring '11 lookbook with Kiki was pretty killer too. But I have a serious soft spot for Michelle Williams. Maybe it's because folks used to say I looked like Jen in high school, maybe it's because she's such a talented actress, maybe it's because she seems like a pretty sweet mamma, or because she seems like such a damn sweetheart ... I could go on. Obviously this girlcrush is serious. And now here she is digging up Hitchcock's grave in Band of Outsiders!! Sheesh, you're killing me Michelle. I guess have one more thing to add to the list.

Check out the entire lookbook here.

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