Sir Paul

I find myself listening to Paul McCartney relatively often and inevitably it makes me think of my dad. Of driving around in out beat up, olive green Volvo S40 with something blaring from the tape deck. Sometimes is was Laurie Anderson or Joni Mitchell. A lot of the time it was the Grateful Dead (Shakedown Street was my favorite). The Stones made appearances too. But my favorite was Paul. I loved it when my dad would pop in the Ram cassette and I could forget for a moment that I was in a stinky, hot Volvo and imagine I was rambling through my short life in some more glamorous, eclectic fashion - like I was the Long Haired Lady. Instead we were headed to our own little home in the Heart of the Country. Which, honestly, in hindsight was just perfect. My childhood, and I'm sure thousands of others', wouldn't have been the same without his music. So, I couldn't let today pass without wishing Sir Paul a happy 70th and thank him for all the Silly Love Songs.

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