I'm dyeing.

Have you ever seen such gorgeous Shibori dying!? I am blown away by Brooklyn based designer, Jilsu's, expert work. The ancient Japanese dying technique is having a bit of a resurgence at the moment but until recently the craft was all but lost.

"Where once ever village in Japan had it's own special Shibori pattern, today it is a nearly lost art. Once the designer drops the coiled fabric into the dye bath, the convocation of material, dye and water takes hold of the design process. From this union themes singular to each piece emerge: no two are alike. Beauty lies in reanimating this nearly lost art and in the distinct variation of color and pattern presented by every item."

I'm so glad Jilsu, along with many other talented designers, are bringing this forgotten art back to life. No it's time to start saving my pennies for one of these pretties.

Quote and images via Jilsu

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