I always have a little twinge of regret when I think about our wedding. Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely perfect. We were with friends and family, we had great food, good music, dogs, even fireworks, but we didn't really have a photographer. Somehow we thought friends and family could manage to get a few good snaps in & that would cover it. Well, it kind of did, but we forgot one key thing: a bridal portrait. Yes, it's a bit old fashioned & definitely a tad narcissistic, but c'mon, when are you going to look better than your wedding day?! So, if I were ever granted a do over, I'd hope my shots might turn out something like this. Julie Cope, the photographer, has such a great eye & Loretta's flowers are breathtaking. Humm.. maybe for a five year anniversary present? 

All photos via Julie Cope


  1. gorgeous! I love the tree and vines, so pretty!